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Adhere to the twelve health habits, healthy every day!

Chinese health science is very profound, many methods are very effective, today we will introduce to you, one of the most important 12 points, adhere to the twelve health habits, healthy every day!


1、Wake up and stay in bed for three minutes

In cases of stroke and sudden death, nearly 25% of people are in the early morning wake up onset, it is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure and heart disease, do not rush to get up after waking up, but should first close their eyes in bed for three minutes before getting up. The body can adhere to the original posture, and appropriate activities of the limbs and head and neck, so that blood pressure will not have too much shake.


2, brush your teeth for three minutes

The basic criterion of brushing your teeth is to cover all sides, that is to say, the outside, the inside, the biting surface and other angles of the teeth should be taken into account. The calculation, about more than 80 tooth surface needs to be clean, and a toothbrush in a unified time can only brush to two to three teeth, so each brush lasted three minutes to all teeth are brushed clean.


3、Boil water for three minutes after boiling

Tap water is mostly treated by chlorination, but in this treated tap water, there are many residual organic substances combined with a variety of carcinogenic compounds such as halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform may be produced.

The test proves that the content of such substances is closely related to the alteration of water temperature and the length of the amusement moment, and boil the water and then boil it for 3 minutes, its content can be reduced to the safest drinking standard.

4, eat hot drink cold interval 3 minutes.

After eating hot food blood vessels will expand, if you drink a lot of ice water again, blood vessels will contract sharply, blood pressure increases, dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, abdominal distension and other symptoms. Therefore, it is best not to consume food with strong temperature contrasts for a short period of time. Even after eating hot want to drink a cold drink to quench your thirst, but also to distance more than three minutes.

5, boiling water to make tea for three minutes

Everyone will drink tea, but brewing may not be the right way. It is best to brew tea for 3 minutes, pour off the water and then brew for 3 minutes, the best water temperature is 70 ℃ -80 ℃, so that the bubble out of the tea color and flavor are good.

This is due to the tea leaves for a long time immersed in high temperature water swell, tea leaves in the tea polyphenols and tannins and many other substances will be a lot of flow to the water, resulting in the tea water color is heavy, the more bitter taste.

Together, because always adhere to a very high water temperature, tea in the aromatic oil will soon evaporate a lot, tannic acid, theophylline a lot of seepage, so not only reduces the nutritional value of tea, reduce the tea fragrance, but also make harmful substances increase. And brewing tea are three minutes, tea in the caffeine can basically all seep out, this problem when the tea, the most can play refreshing and wake up.

6, drops of eye drops after pressing the inner corner of the eye for 3 minutes.

Many people have the same confusion: after dropping eye drops, the mouth is often as bitter as eating medicine. This is because we, the five human senses are connected, eye drops will flow from the nasal tear ducts as well as the nasal cavity and then to the Chinese mouth, after dropping eye drops it is best to gently close your eyes and press the inner corner of the eye with your index finger for three minutes. In this way, not only can avoid the drug into the nasolacrimal duct after being absorbed by the nasal mucosa into the blood, but also extend the moment of the drug staying in the eye exterior, so that the drug effect is more abundant.

7, not more than three minutes of anger

The energy consumed by a person angry for ten minutes is no less than participating in a 3000-meter race. More seriously, the physiological repercussions of anger are very violent, excretion than any other emotional excretion are huge, and toxic, so it is difficult for people who love anger to live long.

When people are angry, blood pressure rises instantly, and people in poor health, especially the elderly, are prone to cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease and myocardial infarction. Therefore, anger should not be higher than three minutes, even if there is gas should come quickly to go quickly, as soon as possible to vent, barely keep the emotional unchanged.

8、Toilet not more than three minutes

When defecating, the intestinal tract is under pressure of more than ten to tens of kilograms per square centimeter. Reading a book or smoking while defecating often leads to prolonged defecation, and if this is often the case, it will cause the intestinal mucosa to sag, leading to habitual constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases. Therefore, the best time to control the toilet in about three minutes.

9, 3 minutes between exercises

Many people have the experience of being out of breath when exercising, so they should take a short break.

Scientists at the University of Kansas found that even for such strenuous exercise as basketball, badminton, the center of the 3 minutes of short rest is also satisfied. In this way, not only will not let the body cool down quickly, to avoid re-exercise when the presentation of cramps, muscle strains and other sports damage, but also enough to use this time to make up for the water and energy, so that the muscles get a proper rest, can contribute to a longer period of exercise.

10, less worry more smile

Too valued position, always thinking about the ticket, pouring house, can not let go of the shelf, can not tear the face, fond of children. Anxiety hangs on everyone's face. Why not try a different expression? 4-year-olds smile every four minutes, and adults should smile every hour. Laughing not only improves lung capacity, but it also helps you lose weight and gives your heart a break. Laughing for 15 minutes can burn 40 calories.

If you do this every day, you can lose at least 1.8 kg of weight a year. Anyone will have a heart out of control at times, it may be worth preparing a "heart first aid kit", such as watching a movie, running a few laps, eating snacks somewhere, being with children, sharing smiles with others in the shopping line, so that smiles like sunshine to brighten the day, but also "warm " heart.

11、Less desire to give more

Usually may give more help to others, such as lending pen and paper to strangers, giving food or giving money to beggars on the street, participating in fund-raising activities, etc.. Small acts of kindness can make you feel the social value of their livelihood, to bring you emotional satisfaction, worries will naturally dissipate.

In addition, the delicious things do not enjoy themselves, share some to others, not only to share the sweetness with others, on the one hand, also manipulate their calorie intake; do not be lazy to let your partner help you bring food to take things, out of the seat, run a trip by themselves, see what can be done to others * what. In this way, not only can be active, to avoid fat on the body, but also earned a good relationship.

12, less talk more action

Health plan, must not just talk, "no time", "insist on not going on" are excuses. Instead of complaining about weight loss, beer belly gradually arched, why not use these moments to take action! Otherwise, you can only permanently look at others' good ** and good looks * stare. From today, every day try to change a bad habit, as to store a health security for yourself.

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